In 2015 we began a new partnership with Aspen Reels, and we look forward to matching these with our custom fiberglass and graphite fly rods for up to a 15% savings.

In 2009, California-based Barrel Service Company established Aspen Reels and set out to design a simple, classic and tough fly reel they could back with a lifetime warranty.  We like simple and classic, and we love bulletproof reels with drag systems we can trust no matter where we wet a line, and for any fish species taken on a fly rod.  All the reels are rated for saltwater play.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock
  • 4 stainless ball bearings
  • Hollow Ultra-Strength 7068 main shaft
  • Fully sealed drag mechanism
  • Extreme-Temperature PTFE drag system
  • Reel foot is machined as one with body
  • Non-glare finish on all exposed parts

There are seven models: four in the mid-arbor design (4-10 weight), and four in large arbor (4-12 weight).  Each model comes in either non-glare black or clear aluminum finish.

Aspen 300 Mid (3-4 wt) – $200

Aspen 325 Mid (4-6 wt) – $220

Aspen 350 Mid (6-8 wt) – $240

Aspen 400 Mid (8-10wt) – $280

Aspen 325 Large (3-4 wt) – $230

Aspen 350 Large (4-6 wt) – $250

Aspen 400 Large (6-8 wt) – $290

Aspen 450 Large (10-12 wt) – $350

Extra spools also available. 

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