I offer fiberglass and graphite rods built on blanks by Epic, St. Croix, RODgeeks, Rainshadow, Blue Halo, MHX and others. Delivery time is currently about five weeks depending on the availability of materials. Some of the fiberglass blanks are made to order and shipped from New Zealand.  Just want to kick the tires? There’s no commitment for a consultation.  I love to talk to customers about rod building and fishing.

I have a great line-up of rod blanks.  Here’s just a few that are either on hand and ready to build or can be ordered. I’m always testing new blanks, but I’m really happy with the current line-up.  Although I can get almost any name-brand blank, I tend to stick with just a few.  This has given me an opportunity to have a direct relationship with the blank makers and develop a deeper knowledge of the products.

Add any Aspen Reel and save 15% on a rod/reel outfit. 

I occasionally have rods I’ve built with no customer in mind in the shop link.

Epic 480 S-Glass

Epic S-Glass (“Fast Glass”)  – These blanks are designed by Swift Fly Fishing and manufactured in partnership with CTS in New Zealand.  Take a look at the Epic line up here. Another really great team to work with. Add an Aspen Reel on any build and save 15% on a rod/reel outfit. 

  • Epic 686 – Quite possibly the ultimate 6 wt 

The Epic 686 is the most popular 6 weight glass blank on the market. A total ass-kicker, 686 presents beautifully but packs a bad ass attitude. This blank totally changes what is possible with modern glass, it is longer, meaner and stronger than any of its contemporaries. Perfect for tossing big flies, big fish and light saltwater work.

Recommended line weight: AFTMA #6

Length: 8’6″
Pieces: 4

  • Epic 480 – Classic glass feel.  

Super smooth with plenty of reserve power. At 8ft for a four weight, the 480 is a smooth, full flexing fly rod blank perfect for light dry fly fishing.

Highly regarded by those that favour a slower deeper bending fly rod, the 480’s classic slow glass action will not disappoint.

Recommended line weight: AFTMA #4

Length: 8′
Pieces: 4


  • No160701_C4 7ft 3wtRODgeeks C4, C2 and S-Glass blanks – These make excellent fly and tackle rods with an extensive custom color selection.  With 30 color or finish options and the option for having multiple colors on the same blank, the possibilities are nearly endless.  I did not appreciate the colors until I received the samples and the first few blanks.  If you are a fan of St. Croix like I am, these shouldn’t disappoint you.  Check out the color options here.

The C4 fly blanks have a fast-action and a soft tip that loads very well with short and long lengths of fly line in the air.  I can modify some of the blanks to fulfill your specific requirements.  My fly rods built on the C4 blanks are receiving great feedback from novice and pro-anglers alike.

Add an Aspen Reel on any build and save 15% on a rod/reel outfit.

St. Croix SCIII

  • These blanks make one of the best moderate action graphite rods around. Light in hand, they bend down into the mid-section of the blank, yet retain heaps of power in the butt section when you need it. You can read the stream test on my personal SCIII 3wt here.

Add an Aspen Reel on any build and save 15% on a rod/reel outfit.

Kabuto E-Glass

  • Kabuto 8053 in translucent natural white.  Not a blank I typically have around but another builder offered it up and I jumped on it.  This will make a 8′ 5-weight fiberglass fly rod. Designed by Yasuyuki Kabuto.  The Kabuto blanks are made to order in Japan.  3 piece with spigot ferrules. Price starts at $600 USD.

Add an Aspen Reels Mid-Arbor 325 and save 15% on a rod/reel outfit. 

Our multi-piece rods include a rod bag and customized Clear Creek rod tube (cloth covered PVC or black or natural aluminum).

I am an Aspen Reels and Clear Creek Fishing Gear dealer and offer the classic and tough Aspen reels and Clear Creek rod tubes with our rod and reel outfits.  Other Clear Creek products are available as well on request.

Stephen Christopherson

Founder and Rod Builder