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This screenshot would suggest that I have way too many fishing apps.  But If I could only have one, it would be FishHead.

The iPhone, or a smartphone in general, is a great tool for an angler, and not just for taking photos out on the water. It’s useful to gather important data on tides, river flows, weather, sunrise and sunset, moon phases, etc. I mean, this is the stuff you’ll use to plan your outing, right?  Or maybe you just don’t have time for all of that; it could take hours to analyze.  However,  You could spend $7, download FishHead, and save an hour or two of your life.  That’s quality time you could spend playing Flick Fishing, an app I often enjoy on long flights.  There is an “onscreen cast” option I didn’t know about that doesn’t require you to actually “flick” the handset around wildly in order to “cast line”: it’s sort of like Wii for a smartphone. That explains the nervous behavior from a few of the plane passengers.  They weren’t terrorist:  it was likely just me who made them nervous. Besides, there is no way the 80-year-old lady sitting three rows in front of me was packing explosives in her granny panties…just saying.  But back to FishHead, the featured app in this blog. It’s a serious tool: well designed, easy to use, and fast to retrieve data!




The River Home screen (right) is your launch page.  Once you’ve selected the geo-location this is where the app starts you off.  It’s a convenient, easy to read snap shot of the weather, river flow, stage, water temps, the phase of the moon…

That’s a Sh*@ load of information already!  But we’re not done yet.





Select the Tides tab at the bottom left and you’re taken to the Tides Home page (left).  It’s the same as the River Home page really, but tide replaces river flow/gage/temp in the center window. Notice though that the two locations are different.  Confused?  That’s because, as far as I can tell, USGS river flow data is not measured in tidal areas.  These apps draw from existing data sources, so it’s not the app’s fault.  It’s not available.  FishHead makes it up to you though by letting you maintain your favorites in two lists, one tidal and one non-tidal – for me, that’s perfect.





Touching the arrows in each window takes you into more detailed screens (right and below). In this case, we see 4 days of weather (reliable weather forecast too) with tabs for station or bouy locations that may also reveal additional weather data – not much more though.  Select the day and you get more detail down to the hour.  This is better, in my opinion than the preloaded iPhone weather, or Weather Channel  apps.  So, my fishing app replaced both of them on my home screen. I use is for my go to weather forecast now.

Searching for a location is hit and miss though. I have searched for a location name, river, city, and zipcode that I know is in the database (presumably on a server somewhere), but it didn’t come up.  I’ve also accidentally stumbled upon the same location name during other searches, or when I was near the searched location and used the “near me” function.  I haven’t broken the code on that yet. I’ll ask Nervous Waters for help and get back to you.  It’s not a big deal, though.  Get this app anyway.


The app will also display flow/stage data in a daily, 5-day and 10-day formats.

No fishing app would be complete without tide chart data and FishHead lets you forecast the best fishing times based on tides and moon phases.  Dial in the date and year and the app quickly retrieves the data.

Here’s what I don’t like.  It won’t work at most of my favorite trout holes.  Why?  No data service available.  Not the apps fault though.  I take screen snap shots and save them to a folder in my camera album – not perfect, but I can live with it.  Frankly, if I’m on the water, I can actually tell how the river is flowing and whether it’s going to rain. Just saying.


I’m a big fan of FishHead and it’s now available for Android. It’s designed by an Angler – my favorite.