My warranty, like most manufacturers, covers defective parts and workmanship. I’ve carefully chosen the components to last and I practice sound and proven building technique. With proper care, rods can last a lifetime and I provide instruction for proper care and maintenance to help ensure that.


The best care and maintenance though won’t prevent rod damage from a car door, being dropped on a rock, wacked on a tree or the water (in anger or otherwise), a critter eating your handle, using your rod to fend off snakes, bats, mosquitos, bears, wolves, bunnies, geese, ducks, beavers or bigfoot. Truth be told, most rods break due to improper use and/or abuse by the angler. The most common causes are high sticking, a heavy weighted fly striking the blank during the cast, improperly transporting it, or just using the rod for its unintended purpose, such as trying to land a 20 pound fish on a 2wt. The internal damage may not be immediately apparent, but it will likely break later, especially graphite carbon fiber rods. It’s likely I will detect manufacturing defects during my initial acceptance inspection, the build itself, or during my static and dynamic testing process. If the damage is due to a manufacturing defect, I’ll fix or replace the rod with a comparable rod. If the damage is due to angler error, I will attempt to repair it at a fair price. I don’t want customers to feel cheated. A good builder/customer relationship is paramount to me.

The owner is responsible for the shipping to and from my shop, but should we determine the damage is covered under warranty then we’ll reimburse the customer for the costs of shipping. If it’s not covered by Wayward Angler’s or the blank manufacturer’s warranty then we’ll work with you to make it right and provide a reasonable estimate for the repair or replacement.

Problems are rare, but stuff happens. The sooner you bring the issue to us the better, so we can get you back on the water. Your satisfaction is important.