Rio In Touch Single Handed Spey Line Review

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I know this is a dated video post to share, but I finally got around to pairing the Single Handed Spey Line to one of my custom Carbon 4 9′ 5wt rods. I’ve fished it a bunch, let my buddies fish it, and the consensus is it’s a winner, and a perfect match to the Carbon 4’s, especially in our Mid-Atlantic streams where fishing quarters are tight. It roll casts and overhead casts beautifully.

I love spey casting with a single handed rod, but I really don’t want a line that is more or less single purpose for a Skandi or Skagit style.  On the trout streams I fish, I want the flexibility to throw a Skandi cast, and without skipping a beat, a short curve cast around a rock, and then maybe an overhead cast that’s feels more like a conventional weight forward or double taper line.  More importantly, I need line that can throw a size 10 streamer, wet flies, weighted nymphs and still drop a dry fly and 12 feet of leader on slow water without too much of a ruckus.  I want it all, and without changing spools.  This is pretty darn close.  Don’t be misled by the speciality line name.  I would consider this multipurpose, and for me a go-to trout line for my Carbon-4 trout weight rods.  There are some limitations I’m sure, but I haven’t had to adapt my casting technique to the line at all yet.  In fact, everything I would do with WF or DT line, I can do with this, and more.