Tying a Paracord Fishing Lanyard

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IMG_2918A fishing lanyard can be a convenient and fashionable method of keeping your most frequently used gadgets close at hand.

I wanted a versatile lanyard that I could hang from my waders, or from my jacket, or wear around my neck on hot summer days when I’m fishing from a kayak.  It needed to be comfortable and easy to make. So, I went with a paracord solution that was functional and highly adaptable to different situations.

I posted an image of my first DIY lanyard over a year ago, September 2012 actually, and since then I’ve made some modifications to my design.  So I present this how-to guide as a example of how one can tie one of these.

Here’s how it hangs in three different configurations:

IMG_0394 IMG_0385 IMG_0390

A significant improvement to the design was the addition of 16 guage jewelry wire embedded under the braided cord, giving the lanyard rigidity and increased weight bearing capability.  I just bend it to the shape I want it and it’ll hold in that position.

If you want to tie one, I recommend making a simple jig.  A 1×2 board about 20 inches in length with two screws or nails at each end will do fine.  IMG_0427

I start by taking 4 feet or so of paracord, doubling it over and stringing it tight between the two screws on the jig. This is where cord locks come in. I buy these at Walmart, in the camping section.  They are the double cord style and run about 55 cents for a box of four.  Note the 8 inches of orange electrical tape centered on the jig.  The tape marks the section over which I will braid the paracord.

For this demonstration I used blue and orange paracord fused together to make one long 10 foot long piece.  If you opt to use two colors, you’ll have to fuse the two together (search online for videos showing you how).


After tying the first knot, the anchor knot, I’ll tie one more before adding the wire.  The wire is temporarily held in place with zip-ties until there is enough paracord braided to hold it.

I’m using a cobra stitch on this one – easy to tie and it looks nice as well.IMG_0441IMG_0442IMG_0445


When I get to the end, I trim the cord off and singe the end.  The last few knots need to be extra tight.

I use braided mason line to hang gadgets on bulldog clips and S-Biners. IMG_0411IMG_0414IMG_0415


That’s it for the basic design!